H&M x Shillington

Design Competition Winner

We are thrilled to announce that Smoo Studio has been selected as a winner in the H&M x Shillington 'Breakthrough’ Competition!


To celebrate the reopening of H&M’s new Oxford Street store, the shopfront has become a canvas to celebrate and champion youth creativity. Our work is being proudly displayed alongside 16 other Shillington alumni.

This brief called for a piece of artwork that resembled our own creative breakthrough. To us, ‘breaking through’ represents infinite and exciting possibilities, with the H&M store number – 351 – expanding beyond both a constructed grid and it’s own individual number forms. The play on 3D perspectives in a 2D format continues the themes of progression, movement and evolution.


These elements come together in an abstract representation of limitless boundaries and the ability to stand out and shine through self-expression, creativity and collaboration.

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